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Semiprecious stones - Characteristics and properties


We love Semi Precious Stones and that is why they are always present in all our seasonal designs. There are many who ask us about them, so we decided to write this post and tell you a little about the different types of Man Made Gemstones and their properties.


The semiprecious stones are, almost in their majority, minerals nevertheless some of them are organic like the amber or the fossilized vegetal resin. They have great beauty and features that make them unique and special.




It is called that way various hard minerals, transparent, very valuable for their rarity and that, after having been conveniently carved, are used in jewellery and decorative arts. Some are manufactured to mimic other gems. The imitations copy the shape and colour of the stone but do not have their physical or chemical characteristics. However, Man Made Gems and Stones are not necessarily an imitation. Small artificial diamonds have been mass-produced for several years, although only recently have great quality diamonds been created, especially colour ones.


General characteristics

A gem is evaluated mainly for its beauty and perfection. In fact, the appearance is most important. Beauty must also be durable; if a gem is damaged in some way, it loses its value instantaneously. The characteristics that make a stone beautiful are its colour, an unusual optical phenomenon, an incrustation as with a fossil, its rarity and, sometimes, the peculiar shape of the crystal.


The beauty of the gems depends to a great extent on their optical properties. The most important are the degree of refraction and colour. Other properties include: fire, display of prismatic colours; ability of some stones to show two different colons according to the direction in which they are observed, and transparency.  Thus the amethyst has violet colour due to traces of manganese and fluorine is green because of tiny amounts of iron and manganese it contains.



Esmeralda is the most precious stone in the beryl group. The wonderful emerald green colour is incomparable in the world of gem. It is not astonishing then that this stone is categorized as one of the usual stones along with other stones.


Genuine Emerald, by meaning, is a average size green or dark blue green colour beryl, in which the green colour is copied from contamination of chromium, vanadium, or a mixture of both. The most popular and valuable colour is a light bluish green in a medium dark tone with saturation from strong to vivid. Emeralds of lighter colour are sometimes called "Brazilian" emerald, even if they were extracted in Africa. Almost all natural emeralds contain characteristic inclusions. Almost all emeralds are treated with oil or resins to fill in the tiny cracks.


So if you want Gems and Stones for some spiritual purpose then it is must to know which stone is good for you according to your sign. Only after knowing which stone match your sun sign only then buy the stone because selection of wrong stone may cause harm for you.


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